About us

The company for elevation works, EXIST doo, is engaged in the provision of services of height work on the rope.

Exist doo was founded in 2006 as an agency for alpine climbing work. Founder and owner Danijel Bkic adapted his experience in military mountaineering to specialty units 63, adapting parachute brigades to urban mountaineering and working on the climb. The very beginning is related to the work taken with a week of performing the most complex tasks taken. The emphasis of the company is given to more complex and complex rope works where various other skills are required in addition to climbing knowledge. During 2010, Exist Agency grew into EXIST doo. EXIST doo successfully deals with height work and provides the most complex rope work. All Exist doo employees are certified and trained to work at height. The equipment used for work at heights is the certified equipment of famous manufacturers of climbing equipment such as PETZL, BEAL, SINGING ROCK, ……

Altitude work involves the use of mountaineering and climbing equipment as well as industrial equipment for altitude work. The use and use of equipment opens the possibility of access to work in inaccessible positions in urban business industrial and other facilities.

Exist doo opens a production facility for the production of static rope, ropes from 2mm to 25mm, at the end of 2018. It also offers an elastic rope of different diameters from 6mm to 8mm.

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Works for which we are qualified:

  1. Locksmith work on industrial rope, welding grinding….
  2. Anti-corrosive protection;
  3. Handling of explosives;
  4. Various types of facade painting, residential commercial and industrial buildings;
  5. Height Painting Works, Design and Installation of Demit Facade;
  6. Production and installation of different types of facades, aluminum panels, aluminum bonds…
  7. Repair of damaged facade parts;
  8. Reparation of old facades and old plaster;
  9. Sealing of expansion joints, sealing of expansion joints;
  10. Sheet metal works, Installation and dismantling of storm verticals;
  11. Installation of air conditioners in inaccessible positions;
  12. Cleaning of the inner chambers of the silo;
  13. Chimney cleaning of interior chimney walls;
  14. Silage painting;
  15. Installation of advertising mega banners, installation of advertisements, megaboards;
  16. Installation of protective nets against pigeons;
  17. Electrical work on height mounting and dismantling of external lighting, floodlights…
  18. Emergency interventions.

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